Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius Episode 7

Adventure Log

Back in Oakhurst, the party rests and resupplies themselves, making purchases and relaxing at the tavern. Norrik and Strayel go to the temple of Pelor to worship and dispose of an evil bone whistle, Nagrathal, the Night Caller. While there, the old priest explained that the congregation had been dwindling, some losing faith, some lured away by the proselytizing of heretical missionaries from the south.

At the tavern, the party meets a strange elven mage, on a quest to follow his only clues about the evil summoner who ravaged his homeland. Known as Vox, he is destined to the south, to the capital city of Deldar, where he hoped to book passage to the great city of Arcanius. The party also meets an alluring, but menacing maiden warlock, who agrees to join the party, much to Ioa’s displeasure.

On their way south, the party encounters an eerie, abandoned village, surrounded by death and signs of an unnatural plague. The party investigates, and discovers a grim scene of a people who died hidden away in terror. The party also encounters a mysterious character who seems to have been following them.

The party then encounters the only survivor of the ravaging plague, a small boy, the son of the lord of the castle. Soon, a dark secret emerges, as the young boy is not what he seems, revealing himself as an otherworldly evil brought to this world in a dark ritual.

The party barely manages to survive the battle, but in the end, is victorious.


Nameless’s grand entrance.

Ages of Arcanius Episode 7
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