Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius Episode 6

Adventure Log

Episode 6

The party explores the burial chambers, which are filled with the snarling undead monsters created by the Gulthas Tree. Thanks to the mystic powers of Ioa and the skills of Hyan, the party avoids the ancient traps which would surely have otherwise spelled their demise.

Norrik finds an ancient crypt of his family within the tombs, and communes with the spirit of a long dead ancestor. The spirit tells him of an ancient family holding in the lands north, and warns that great danger may lie within.

Tragically, while searching for an exit to the vaults, the party is attacked by a mob of ghouls, and though they were victorious, brave Hyen was killed by the monsters. Strangly, a roughly written will was found on the body of Hyen, and the party used his possessions to strengthen themselves. His body was carried from the runs by his friend Strayel, and committed to the purifying flames.

News of the fate of the lost adventurers was brought back to their kin in the village of Oakhurst, and the party rested and recouperated from their journey.


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