Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius Episode 5

Adventure Log

Episode 5

The party encounters a strange Dwarven merchant on the way to confront Belak. The dwarf carries strange goods and tales of a Deep Dwarven city in the Underdark. His two human bodyguards do not speak, and seem strangely at ease in the crushing depths of the caverns…

When the party finally meets Belak, they are faced with a dreadful challenge. The druid has an unnatural strength and his blows are almost too much to withstand. Fortunately, The party is finally able to overcome him, and his menace is no more.

When the dread Gulthas Tree is finally destroyed, freeing the region from the danger of the ever spawning Blights, it’s collapse opens up a passage to the burial chambers high overhead. Perhaps it was the influence of the tainted tree that created the undead that creep throughout the citadel.


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