Important Persons

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Human Male, approximately 40 years of age, salt and pepper hair, short, neatly trimmed black and grey beard, blue-grey eyes.
Ergan is a self proclaimed “local Deldarian” found in the lower middle class districts of Deldar. He seems to know quite a bit about the local powerbrokers and political landscape.
His profession and trade are unknown.

Sir Julias Ethes
Sir Ethes is a Pelorian Knight recognized for his valor and fearlessness in battle. He has known Sir Strayel since they were both children. Sir Ethes seems to begrudge Strayel for the favor he has been shown, and believes his low birth should disqualify him from the favors he has been granted. Sir Ethes has blue eyes, short cropped black hair, and several prominant facial scars.

Father Wisym of Silveros
High Priest of Silveros church of Pelor.
Father Wisym was a father figure to Sir Strayel, taking him into the church from the orphanage and sponsoring him to knighthood.

Lord Gregory Barast
Duke of Cimarron Hills
Lord Barast is the current High Duke of Cimmeron Hills, his family having gained the title three generations ago when the ruling family died out. He has a reputation for fair laws, but harsh punishments and little patience.

Corwyn Cryllson
A local hero and head of the northern arm of the Knights of the Red Sun. His dedication to eliminating the enemies of Pelor is legendary.

Sir Elsan of Westgate
An emissary of the Knights of the Red Sun, Sir Elsan has journeyed to Deldar to petition for Sir Strayel to be assigned to the Knights of the Red Sun. He spoke highly of Sir Strayel and his companions to the Council of Pelor.

The Pelorian Council:

  • Father Piersym, High Cleric of Pelor
  • Sir Uwun, Lord Paladin of Pelor
  • Athyer Anes, son of Dures of Westhall Keep, Captain of the Pelorian Church Guard
  • Brother Koerwe, Lorekeeper and Master of the Libraries
  • Brother Edmur, High Theurge
  • Sir Artach, Captain of the King’s Knights

Scoursin Quar
Former Highmage of Deldar, current wherabouts unknown.
Scoursin Quar is probably the only nonhuman to have gained the title of Highmage. He disappeared approximately 20 years ago when he locked his chambers and left word that he was traveling north to help the elven kingdom of his birth battle against a dark evil. He hasn’t been seen since and the council elected a new Highmage on the 3rd anniversary of his disappearance. He is believed to be deceased.

His Distinguished Eminence Guestun Freelinn
Ambassidor of Minysport
Guestun was a warrior of some note in his younger days, although it seems easy living, opulent wealth, and an abundance of food has somewhat atrophied his once mighty frame. Guestun’s yacht was sunk during a pirate attack on Deldar. He has since been on a armed Clipper ship owned by the companions who thwarted the attack, hoping to avoid the rioting and uprising in the harbor district.

Important Persons

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