Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius Episode 14+
Journal Entry

Journal Entry #3

Dear Clerics of Silverus

WE MET THEM!.. ahem I mean after arriving in Briarcrest and praying at the local shrine to Pelor we met with a man who said he could take us to see the Knights of the Red Sun. We rode all day to reach the keep before nightfall and inside the keep the paladins healed Veyland and the toad. and they even invited us to go on a mission with them… it was like a dream come true, I could tell on that day Pelor was shining on me. Later we left to find some heretics, they were not hard to find and some even began to see the light of Pelor for themselves… and those that wouldn’t see Pelor’s light, well they were purged.

We spent some time with the knight of the red sun and we stayed in Silverus for about a month so that Beyland and the toad could recover from the sickness before setting out once again for the south.

Some ways south we found yet another village and like the one prior was also barren except this one had not fallen to a disease but instead fell to a false god. This was once the populated city of Littletown. Sensing evil energies from a building we entered and found a basement under it where the energy was radiating from. the hallways leading to the source were dark.. unnaturally dark not even Pelor’s glorious light shown through the black. We marched fearlessly into the dark and on the other side we found… a monster. The monster was some sort of undead abomination the likes of which i had never seen, the monster was some sort of tortured soul who could not make physical contact with us but still I could feel something happen when its ethereal appendages made contact with me. This creature later identified as an Alip was tied to some sort of contraption in the corner of the room that a corpse was affixed to, and destroying the contraption with the Shatterspike seemed to have indirectly affected the Alip and with a little more effort we were able to cleanse the abomination. In the room with the alip we also found a lever that when pulled opened up a passage at the opening of the basement. Heading back through the blackness we found a hoard of skeletons waiting for us at the entrance to the basement so in Pelor’s light i turned them all to dust and behind them in the room that had just opened was more of that unholy darkness. We left for the night and in the next morning went back down and mustering up all of our courage we headed into the darkness once again. we were assaulted again by some sort of creatures, but they were nothing and as such were quickly dealt with. at the end of the tunnel we found a cleric of the goddess morrigan he told us of her and the place we were in.. i don’t recall the specifics of what happened there but it all seemed just a bit unnatural. Later we left and headed back to Littletown and after a little bit of searching we found a boat and down the river we headed to Deldar. The trip went smoothly with nary a problem and in we were in Deldar shortly.

After my crew filled out the paperwork to enter, we were in Deldar. To the inns we went to set up camp, bathe and eat, After a good rest Noric and I went to the main branch of the church of Pelor and once we arrived the Cleric there said he was waiting for us and that I had to appear before the council in the morning but he did not give me a reason but never the less he put us up for the night and in the morning away to the council meeting with him. At the meeting many prominent names in the church were there some spoke on my behalf, others were not so fond of me, the accused me of shirking my duties and not doing right by Pelor.

For the first time in my life I did not feel Pelors light on me, I felt my faith waver, i felt like i had failed…. If given the chance I will repent. I SWEAR IT. However it was nice to hear the Knights of the Red Sun would be honored to have me in their ranks. I’m still awaiting the outcome of the trial.

Later that night as a slept in my room I was set upon by an assassin who got a little more then he bargained for and was quickly done away with. Following some leads we got in the tavern of the inn we traced the assassin back to his place of origin and took some criminals with us to interrogate, but do not worry I made sure that they were not unjustly harmed and turned over to the proper authorities. After devising a way too complected strategy full of lies and disguises my friends and I went into the assassins HQ and spoke with the owner about the assassin and got a few leads that need to be followed up on…I can’t help but feel like this all has something to do with the Council meeting, although a member of the church of Pelor would surely never stoop to hiring common thugs and assassins.. would they?…. Believe me I will be looking into this in the following days. I Will write more when I get the chance, granted I’m not thrown in jail or killed for my shortcomings….

May Pelor always be with you

—Sir Strayel

Ages of Arcanius Episode 13+
Journal Entry

Journal Entry #2

Dear Clerics of Silverus,

We left the town we were resting in after gaining some party members including a Tiefling who I believe to be the one from my vision. We headed south after traveling through the woods for a bit Veyland noticed that the wildlife surrounding us had become eerily quite. As we continued on we came across a village that like the forest preceding it was completely barren, It had appeared that everyone here came down with a insidious disease…. Pelor had forsaken this poor village. The group and I made our way to the largest building in the village and entered it, inside we found exactly what we were expecting, Nothing. After reaching the top floor of the building we found the remains of something, we weren’t sure what is or they were as the remains were indistinguishable. It seemed as if our quest to finding the cause of this disease was at and end when all of a sudden. Veyland found a secret entrance, and at the top of the stairs we found the last living member of this village.. a child gripping a plush satyr. We asked the child for information on the village but alas he had no information to share as to be expected of a child his age. Ioa joined us upstairs after an apparent looting spree including the child’s father’s crown much to the child’s chagrin. In an instant the child revealed his true form which was that of a demon. and in the light of Pelor he and his brood were slain and the village purged.

We continued marching south until over the hills we noticed an army of orcs had spotted us luckily Vox had the ability to hide us in plain sight until most of the orcs had left.

Hours later we descended from our hiding spot and began cleansing the orcs. The orcs were worthy opponents until Veyland miraculously opened up a chasm in the ground an swallowed the orcs whole, it was truly a sight to behold, Pelor must have been watching over us then. Quickly we left the area before more orcs could make there way back to where we were and continued on south.

Later that night we decided to set up camp a fair distance from where the orcs had been and decided to take turns watching for signs of danger. The night passed quietly for the most part and it wasn’t until Norics watch that anything happened we were accosted by a wyvern. Veyland and I swiftly did away the beast and Veyland took some souvenirs for his hut or something. The next morning Veyland, Noric and the toad began showing symptoms of the disease from the village before, By Pelor’s light I cleansed the wretched disease from Noric but the others wouldn’t be so lucky we would have to seek out help for them from outside sources. We came across another village by the name of Briarcrest where we are currently residing I heard the knights of the red sun are stationed around here maybe through them Pelor can save these two.

I apologize about the brevity of this letter time is not on our sides.

May the Light of Pelor be with you

—Sir Strayel

The Number
Please Note

The number is 79.

Ages of Arcanius Episode 8+
Journal Entry

Dear Journal,
I have finally found some paper scraps to continue my journal!
So last entry I wrote of our journey to Littleton, and how we crawled into the sub-sub level of a dungeon beneath the town. When we came out of the trap door from above, we were in a small room with a mechanically opened stone door on one side, and an opening into a hallway on the other. There was the sound of faint babbling coming from down the hallway. Because we could not find a way to open the door, we decided to explore the halls to find the door-opener and other points of interest.
The party and I walked down the hall and came to a three-way split. The halls on the left in right were nondescript, but the hall in front of us was pitch black and the babbling seemed to originate from inside. The blackness was unnatural, and not even those of us with the best night-vision could gaze through it. Not that I was scared or anything, but I felt a sharp wave of relief come over me when the general consensus was to travel down the left corridor.
The left corridor led to a bigger room with a desk, about six doors in it, and all of them were locked. Strayel, the paladin of our party, opted to kick a door in, but I saw this as an excellent opportunity to show off my slick forced-entry skills. I knelt down and worked on the door to the immediate left of the entry-way, but perhaps I missed a pin in the lock, because it would not open for me. Myself and Veyland, a druid who has dabbled in the art of the lockpick, worked to get the rest of the doors open, while the door that was kicked open led to a large bedroom and study of some sort. Vox, an elvish wizard, had determined that the room also contained a door concealed by magic, and used psionic powers to glimpse behind it. We found there was a corridor covered in a magic-darkness similar from before, that went down a brief ways and turned right into a locked door. Because the darkness was harmful to those who went inside of it, and because the corridor was long, we decided to take our chances with the hallway from the intersection, and turned back in that direction.
When we came back to the intersection, we headed straight from our path into a large, empty room, filled with boxes and empty potato sacks. We turned back to the intersection and decided to charge as a party though the darkness.
I winced in pain as I ran through, the incoherent babbling grew louder and louder, and we came to a large open room with a painful looking machine, and a monster floating a couple feet away from it. It turns out that the source of the babbling was this monster of blackness and twisted limbs and appendages, but I became rather entranced by its sound and could not move. I’d say I was out of the fight for a good while, but when I came to my teammates were attacking it’s machine, and the monster itself. I decided to charge the monster, and ran up to it, swinging both of my daggers swift and true. While it had a definite shape, it seemed to be incompletely physical, and some of my teammates’ attacks went through it completely. We eventually had it completely surrounded, and it hissed and gibbered as our attacks phased through it. Then it made an attempt to fly out of our encirclement; and that was when we delivered the coup-de-grace and killed it for good. The sounds of babble faded into oblivion.
After the battle, we examined the room in full. There was a magic, torture device, which contained the now-hacked-to-pieces corpse of the undead creature we fought. It went through an unimaginable amount of torture, and had to fight for suicide to relieve itself of pain brought about by magical torture. The body had a few, shiny items of interest on it, but the wizard got to them before me. In a connecting room there was a small altar, a lever, and a door that led to the corridor of magic-darkness from the study room. The lever was pulled, and we headed back through down the hall to our start point. When we got there, it seemed as though the first undead was only the beginning of our problems, because we faced an open stone door with dozens of living skeletons hobbling toward us.
Strayel made the first attack, advancing on the horde of skeletons and slicing through them with his sword. Looking back, this was a foolish tactic, but I had decided to charge the enemy, hacking through two skeletons with my daggers of swiftness. The danger came quick, and two skeletons came up and dealt a crushing blow, knocking me out for a bit. Thanks to Vox, I was saved from the kiss of death and used my next move to step back and recharge a bit. He then sent an energy blast into the room of skeletons, and knocked them all out with a single blow.
Seeing as we were all exhausted, and that there was another patch of magic-darkness in the newly opened hallway, we moved back up the ladders and took a rest in a Littleton building.

Ages of Arcanius Episode 8-13
Long Delayed Summery

After disposing of the cursed bodies and leaving the plagued town, the party discovers that several members have contracted the strange sickness. With the disease ravaging their companions, the party races for help, thanks to Ioa’s aerial scouting, one is found that can be reached in time before Veyland, Dox, and Sir Croakington succumb to the otherworldly illness. Enroute, the party encounters a huge warband of orcs, and in their current state the party can’t hope to fight them all. The mysterious elven wizard summons forth great magics to create an extra-dimensional sanctuary where the party is safe, but valuable time is lost.

After escaping the orcs, the party must push on through the night, and to avoid the orcish army, travels through the deep forests in the hills. Stopping only breifly to rest what little they could afford, the party encounters a fearsome wyvern, it’s talons razor sharp and it’s tail stinger dripping with venom. Only Veyland’s most powerful magic is able to stop the beast, and now the party, ill and injured, must push on in the darkness.

Just as hope begins to falter, they come across the village of Briarcrest, walled against the marauding creatures of the wilds. Alas, no healer can be found in the city to treat the disease! Fortune was looking down upon the party, though, and the elder told them of a nearby citadel of the famed Pelorian Knights, who surely could help. The party dashes off into the darkness, racing the sunrise, to reach the keep in tiime.

The brave paladins led by Corwyn Corillson welcome the travelers to the keep, and issue aid. While there, the party acquires a detailed map of the area, showing them the way to the great city of Deldar. The members who are well enough to travel accompany the knights on a mission to vanquish a group of heretics, and earn the respect of the knights, but they feel their tactics are more brutal than necessary. The party recieves valuable information, and Elhace also stumbles across an old, forgotton dagger, which feels just right in his hands. Surely nobody will notice it’s absence, it was just gathering dust anyway.

The party, rested and healed, set off on the journey to Deldar. Their journey takes them to the sight most disturbing. They come across the site of an execution. It appears a man was burned alive! Investigation reveals the man must have been an evil necromancer, and rather than investigate further, the party concludes that justice was done and move on.

The party cuts through an ancient forest, hoping to save days of travel. Surely with a druid and a fairy in their midst, the woods holds no danger to them. Ioa, however is not without rivals, and encounters Eolyn, also a sorcerous pixie, wishing to claim Sir Croakington as her own! The party assists Ioa in her battle against the foul tempered fey, and they throw her unconscious form into a giant ant hill. There is no way she will come back to seek revenge.

As the party nears the edge of the woods, they find a group of feral puppies gnawing on the remains of an unfortunate kobold. Strayel and Voz take them in, intent on raising them as their own.

The party reaches the city of Arvada, and spend some time resting and working on some minor tasks.

The party travels on, and reaches the once prosperous trade city of Littleton. The city is completely abandoned, however, and no sign of life can be found. The party finds a terrible site, an evil place haunted by a tortured soul. The party fights for their very lives and manages to defeat the creature, freeing it from it’s lingering torment.

A dark passage is found leading into the basement of a forgotton temple complex. There the party meats Aegan, an elderly priest and custodian of the place. they learn much about the ancient religion practiced there, and discover an incredible creature, forged from metal and magic. Once awakened, the creature who calls itself Rork, joins the group in hopes of discovering it’s true nature. Also, Veyland the druid wandered off.

The party finds a seaworthy craft to pilot down the river to Deldar, and set off, avoiding many perils.

Arriving in Deldar, the party makes accomodations and Norrik is able to find a skilled and experienced surgeon who can carefully and delicately replace his left eye with the enchanted gemstone given to him by his spectral ancestor.

Word of Strayel and Norric’s exploits have reached the High Church in Deldar. They are called before the council at the Keystone Bluff Cathedral, commonly called Keybluff Stronghold. Strayel and Norric are to attend, and any of the Pelorian faith are welcome to speak on their behalf. Companions of other faiths may attend, but will not be called on.

Leadering the Council are

Father Piersym, High Cleric Sir Uwun, Lord Paladin of Pelor Athyer Anes, son of Dures of Westhall Keep, Captian of the Church Guard Brother Koerwe, Lorekeeper and Master of the Libraries Brother Edmur, High Theurge Sir Artach, Captain of the King’s Knights

Also seated on the council several clerics and knights, including an old rival, as well as a few guests.

Sir Elsan, An emissary of the Knights of the Red Sun Father Wisym of Silveros Lord Barast, Duke of Cimarron Hills

The council is called and begins with Father Piersym asking Strayel and Norric to introduce themselves and give their geneologies or family histories. Strayel, unfortunately, can’t give his geneology, there is an akward silence, and Father Wisym clears his throat, reminding Father Piersym that his name is Strayel Pelorson. Father Piersym looks embarrassed, and apologizes, having forgotten that Strayel is a son of the Church. Norric is welcomed, and offered use of the citadel’ historians for any research needs.

Strayel is asked to give account of his journey. Sir Elsan of The Knights of the Red Sun vouch for their bravery and loyalty to the faith. The Red Knights express interest in Strayel as a potential candidate, but it is explained that he has not earned Imperial Knighthood yet, being only a Knight of the First Order, but after such time as he is, he would be eligible. Sir Artach inquires as to the army Strayel has failed to raise. It is explained that this is a shirking of duty not taken lightly. The king has need of troops for the war, and he will be disappointed when he hears that Strayel has not delivered. Sir Ethes, an old acquaintance, asks Strayel to give his testimony as to if he failed this mission, forgot his duty, or simply ignored his obligation.

After the council, Father Piersym informs the two that the Council will consider everything they have heard and the companions are dismissed.
The party makes use of the Cathedral’s extensive library, and Voz discovers a powerful enchantment, sure to aid the party.

That night, Strayel is attacked in his bed by a dark figure. Rork, thanks to his tireless vigilance, hears the disturbance, and rushes to assist his comrade. The dark figure is defeated, and it’s revealed that he was an assassin with the copper coat guild. The party sets out immediately to investigate the lair of these foul rogues, and is set upon by five cutthroats, with murderous intent. A desperate battle follows, and the party is able to overcome them, capturing three for questioning.

Ages of Arcanius Episode 7
Adventure Log

Back in Oakhurst, the party rests and resupplies themselves, making purchases and relaxing at the tavern. Norrik and Strayel go to the temple of Pelor to worship and dispose of an evil bone whistle, Nagrathal, the Night Caller. While there, the old priest explained that the congregation had been dwindling, some losing faith, some lured away by the proselytizing of heretical missionaries from the south.

At the tavern, the party meets a strange elven mage, on a quest to follow his only clues about the evil summoner who ravaged his homeland. Known as Vox, he is destined to the south, to the capital city of Deldar, where he hoped to book passage to the great city of Arcanius. The party also meets an alluring, but menacing maiden warlock, who agrees to join the party, much to Ioa’s displeasure.

On their way south, the party encounters an eerie, abandoned village, surrounded by death and signs of an unnatural plague. The party investigates, and discovers a grim scene of a people who died hidden away in terror. The party also encounters a mysterious character who seems to have been following them.

The party then encounters the only survivor of the ravaging plague, a small boy, the son of the lord of the castle. Soon, a dark secret emerges, as the young boy is not what he seems, revealing himself as an otherworldly evil brought to this world in a dark ritual.

The party barely manages to survive the battle, but in the end, is victorious.

Ages of Arcanius Episode 6
Adventure Log

Episode 6

The party explores the burial chambers, which are filled with the snarling undead monsters created by the Gulthas Tree. Thanks to the mystic powers of Ioa and the skills of Hyan, the party avoids the ancient traps which would surely have otherwise spelled their demise.

Norrik finds an ancient crypt of his family within the tombs, and communes with the spirit of a long dead ancestor. The spirit tells him of an ancient family holding in the lands north, and warns that great danger may lie within.

Tragically, while searching for an exit to the vaults, the party is attacked by a mob of ghouls, and though they were victorious, brave Hyen was killed by the monsters. Strangly, a roughly written will was found on the body of Hyen, and the party used his possessions to strengthen themselves. His body was carried from the runs by his friend Strayel, and committed to the purifying flames.

News of the fate of the lost adventurers was brought back to their kin in the village of Oakhurst, and the party rested and recouperated from their journey.

Ages of Arcanius Episode 5+

The party finds themselves in a strange village…

Ages of Arcanius Episode 5
Adventure Log

Episode 5

The party encounters a strange Dwarven merchant on the way to confront Belak. The dwarf carries strange goods and tales of a Deep Dwarven city in the Underdark. His two human bodyguards do not speak, and seem strangely at ease in the crushing depths of the caverns…

When the party finally meets Belak, they are faced with a dreadful challenge. The druid has an unnatural strength and his blows are almost too much to withstand. Fortunately, The party is finally able to overcome him, and his menace is no more.

When the dread Gulthas Tree is finally destroyed, freeing the region from the danger of the ever spawning Blights, it’s collapse opens up a passage to the burial chambers high overhead. Perhaps it was the influence of the tainted tree that created the undead that creep throughout the citadel.

Ages of Arcanius Episode 4
Adventure Log

Episode 4:

After the battle with the mysterious hunter, the party prepares to set out deeper into the caverns, but the one known as Ioa must wait before she travels on, as her power is growing and a change is coming. Finding a hidden ledge, Ioa builds a small cocoon, and begins her metamorphosis. The rest of the party sets out, once they are sure their companion will be safe.

The group explores the hunter’s cave a bit more, finding the cells where he kept his victims. One cell in particular is disturbing, as it is spattered with relatively fresh blood. Veyland’s faithful wolf companion Hoy helps the group follow the scent of the terrible carnage, as it leads deeper into the darkness.

As the party explored deeper into the depths, they encounter a mysterious elven sorceress also seeking the missing party. Introducing herself as Meliadel, she seeks the missing woodsman Karakas, but calls him a strange elven name the party had not heard before. As the group introduces themselves, they are set upon by strange goblins, bearing hideous deformities, experiments of the one called Belak. The goblins have a strange ritual based magic, and spew toxic spores when their flesh is cut. The party fights through a magical darkness, and overcomes the creatures, finding Belak’s botanical laboratory. Veyland is able to use the labratory to concoct a cure for the sickness brought on by the spores, and the party is able to resume their search.

The group locates Karakas, wounded and near death with sickness and fever. They treat his wounds and bring him to safety to rest. He claims he can accompany the party to face Belak, but can hardly support himself, and may need to be brought to the surface to recover if he is to have any chance of survival. He informs the party that Talgren is dead, killed by Belak’s minions, and Sharwin and Sir Braford have been changed somehow by a tree Belak seems obsessed with. Perhaps they can still be saved, if the party gets to them in time.


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