Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius Episode 5+

The party finds themselves in a strange village…

Ages of Arcanius Episode 5
Adventure Log

Episode 5

The party encounters a strange Dwarven merchant on the way to confront Belak. The dwarf carries strange goods and tales of a Deep Dwarven city in the Underdark. His two human bodyguards do not speak, and seem strangely at ease in the crushing depths of the caverns…

When the party finally meets Belak, they are faced with a dreadful challenge. The druid has an unnatural strength and his blows are almost too much to withstand. Fortunately, The party is finally able to overcome him, and his menace is no more.

When the dread Gulthas Tree is finally destroyed, freeing the region from the danger of the ever spawning Blights, it’s collapse opens up a passage to the burial chambers high overhead. Perhaps it was the influence of the tainted tree that created the undead that creep throughout the citadel.

Ages of Arcanius Episode 4
Adventure Log

Episode 4:

After the battle with the mysterious hunter, the party prepares to set out deeper into the caverns, but the one known as Ioa must wait before she travels on, as her power is growing and a change is coming. Finding a hidden ledge, Ioa builds a small cocoon, and begins her metamorphosis. The rest of the party sets out, once they are sure their companion will be safe.

The group explores the hunter’s cave a bit more, finding the cells where he kept his victims. One cell in particular is disturbing, as it is spattered with relatively fresh blood. Veyland’s faithful wolf companion Hoy helps the group follow the scent of the terrible carnage, as it leads deeper into the darkness.

As the party explored deeper into the depths, they encounter a mysterious elven sorceress also seeking the missing party. Introducing herself as Meliadel, she seeks the missing woodsman Karakas, but calls him a strange elven name the party had not heard before. As the group introduces themselves, they are set upon by strange goblins, bearing hideous deformities, experiments of the one called Belak. The goblins have a strange ritual based magic, and spew toxic spores when their flesh is cut. The party fights through a magical darkness, and overcomes the creatures, finding Belak’s botanical laboratory. Veyland is able to use the labratory to concoct a cure for the sickness brought on by the spores, and the party is able to resume their search.

The group locates Karakas, wounded and near death with sickness and fever. They treat his wounds and bring him to safety to rest. He claims he can accompany the party to face Belak, but can hardly support himself, and may need to be brought to the surface to recover if he is to have any chance of survival. He informs the party that Talgren is dead, killed by Belak’s minions, and Sharwin and Sir Braford have been changed somehow by a tree Belak seems obsessed with. Perhaps they can still be saved, if the party gets to them in time.

Ages of Arcanius w3
Week 3 Experience Recap

Current XP:

Maylo: 60
Thalia: 675
Hyen: 1010
Strayel: 1130
Norrik: 1850
Veyland: 1850
Ioa: 2150

Encounters Thus Far:
Rats on the switchback stairs
Pit Trap o’ Rats
The Forgotten Sentries
White Claw Clan Entrance
Fiery Goblin Balcony
Yusdrayl, Kobold Chieftan
The Bladed Door
Goblin Warband
The Guarded Tomb
Sage’s Study
Fire Trapped Floor
Calcryx Capture
Goblinoid Ghetto
-Bonus for incredible method
Hobgoblin Guards
Hobgoblin King
The Deep Climb
Belsag the Hunter

Ages of Arcanius
Episode 3

Episode 3

After a pitched battle with the goblin scouts, the party steps back to catch their breath and investigate the ancient crypt and it’s strange alter. Suddenly they notice Thalia is missing, having fallen prey to a pit trap, and plummeting into the darkness below. After an exhaustive, but ultimately futile, attempt at rescue, they vow to track him down and rescue him. Then they move on.

Far above, two men search for the entrance to the citadel, on a holy quest to rescue the brave Sir Braford. Strayel Pelorson, a holy knight of pelor, and Hyen Harstone, a skilled explorer. Stumbling into a pit trap of their own, the pair is dropped into the midst of the group. Realizing their goals are the same, the two groups join forces.

The tomb is ancient, and an eerie magic slumbers within. Discovering ancient eldritch treasures, the party awakens the tomb’s guardians, two animate corpse guardians! Norrik’s faith is true, and through his divine power he returns the guardians to their slumber, this time forever. Did this strange relic aid him?

An ancient door, sealed with arcane magic, yields to the skilled techniques of Hyen. A small sage’s office is revealed, but the sage himself is not present, perhaps gone for decades. The room, however, is magical in nature and is strangely preserved. Ioa discovers and deciphers an ancient map of the citadel, giving the party insight into their journey. Veyland claimed a strange, magic candle, perhaps a arcane treasure of great value, and Norick discovers a link to the citadel in his family’s distant past.

The party explores further into the labyrinthine ruins, and discovers the icy lair of the dragon Calthryx. It appears the goblins got more than they could handle when stealing the kobold’s beast, for the bodies of several goblins were frozen in the lair.

After returning the dragon to the kobolds, the party took a much needed rest. Having persuaded Yusdrayl to bolster their number with seven of her fiercest warriors, the group set out to assault the goblin camp. However, the goblin camp was no mere camp, but a festering city of the disgusting cannibalistic creatures, throngs of feeding, scurrying murderous creatures.

Careful reconnaissance by Ioa and Sir Croakington revealed their goal, the chamber of the Hobgoblin claiming rulership over the teeming mass. The combined arcane might and bold action of the party won out, and the group charged through the wretched ghetto of the goblins.

The party battled through the guardians at the gate and entered the throne room of Hurag, the King of the Goblinoids. The party faced the massive beast, but avoided death at the end of his wicked claws through the quick words of Ioa, Veyland, and Norrik. The party had to part with the magical candle, but their blood was not spilled. Hurag offered no definative answers about the missing explorers, but confirmed they were taken below by the one known as the Outcast.

The party faced a terrifying climb to the lower level, at least 80 feet down on rotting ropes. Veyland, hampered by carrying his faithful lupine companion nearly fell to his death, and surely his survival was the hand of his deity preserving him. One of the brave kobold warriors is not so lucky, and plummets to his death.

At the bottom of the crevasse the party discovered a grisly scene of carnage, filth, and unnatural horror. Rotting bodies, blood, bone, and meat being stirred by undead creatures into a macabre soil. What vegetation feeds on this is beyond imagination.

Journeying into the caverns, the party discovers yet another goblinoid monster, a hunter of some sort, who wastes no time in attacking the group. After a fierce battle, a great blow by Strayel’s mace finally lays the beast low. The morningstar carried by the monster is claimed as a prize, and turns out to have some hidden power. The kobolds are able to determine some of it’s magical properties, but what secrets does it still hold.

Ready to set out deeper into the caverns, the party makes one more grisly discovery: the hand of Karakas, the missing woodsman, in the creature’s cooking pot.

Ages of Arcanius campaign
Ioa Diary Entry

Dear Diary,

I have decided to start a journal of my adventure Away from the Forest, it should prove to help collect my experiences. I have been Away for maybe a month

I have lived in the Forests, hills, trees, and fields of my homeland for too long. This adventure started forming sometime after my 1400th birthday I met a wolf, whose primal energy captured my attention, and that of Sir Croakington as Well. Its noble nature and Pure Spirit led it to befriending Sir Croakington quickly. I found out that the wolf Protects a Half Elven Druid named Veylend, who I believe to be dim witted. The wolf, and his human counterpart left to travel back to their homelands, it was then Sir Corakington and I deiced to join.

When we entered the city Called “Oakhurst” the first thing I noticed was its lifelessness, and lack of oak trees. There was barely any vegetation, no rolling grass hills, and instead dry Dead dirt roads. In place of flourishing trees there were decrepit stone buildings. It was horrible and I hated it. After meeting the family of Veylend we ventured off in search of his parents. Or was it his children? I don’t know it was one of his family, I was told I could kill things, and get out of the city so I really didn’t care who it was. We met with Thalia, another Half Elf who practiced a bizarre faith which was claimed to Give great powers. Noric, the human seems to be the only one with any affinity with combat. I think there was another, but they left or something, I wasn’t really paying that close attention. We traveled on finally in nature at last. Eventually we reached a large Crevasse with stairs leading downward. I hopped on Sir Croakington and flew Down seeing some squalid, foul smelling rats. During combat Veylend Jumped Down the stairs, missing most of them and falling to the ground, we later discovered he was hurt badly. Between my ability to Paralyze some rats, and Norick’s swift blades we were able to Subdue the evil vermin. We camped at the bottom after finding another decaying stone building. I was told we were going in, so me and Sir Croakington went to search for some flies. I can only assume Thalia spent half the Night heling Veylend back to reasonable health.

The next Day we advanced though the Shattered temple and found a strange room. There were three doors, one of which was large and grandiose. The others were small and uninspired. One was blocked, the other I later found to house some stupid Goblins. While I was exploring the vast room, the mentally challenged Veylend ran into a wall or something. Surprisingly this led to some killing, which entertained me for a bit. Sir Croakington courageous as always maneuvered in battle to allow me to torch my enemies with scorching flames. Again Veylend again managed to become incapacitated, I Wonder if we should have brought him along. Afterwards I convinced the group to enter the lair of the white dragon clan… the white talon of Justice…. Umm I Forget the white somethings. They were funny little creatures who reminded me of Goblins, but they were Far sillier. They sat upon thrones many times their size. After talking with them for a while in hopes of finding Veylend’s grandfather they promised to help. We met Meepo, the saddest of creatures that I have ever met. He had lost a dragon. A DRAGON, finally it gets interesting. Now with a real mission to save the Dragon (which maybe I can keep for myself) we sneak around the Goblins lair. After scaring off some Goblins we found a great room. It had dragons and graves and intricate carvings of stone the likes of which I have never seen. It looks as though this voyage will actually be worth leaving my beloved home.


Ages of Arcanius
Episode 2

Having received a dream vision from his deity, Maylo bids farewell to his cousins to take on a personal journey. The rest of the party begins their exploration of the citadel, discovering two warring factions, a tribe of goblins and a clan of kobolds. The kobolds call themselves the White Claw Clan, and it seems they are unfamiliar with a monastic order of the same name who operates elsewhere in the realms. The party also discovered signs of an ancient evil, a dark force trapped in the citadel for these centuries animating the remains of the former residents.

The party met peacefully with the clan leader of the kobolds, one known as Yusdrayl. The party agrees to rescue the kobold’s “dragon” in exchange for their guidance through the ruins and healing for the wounded druid. Yusdrayl also gives a cryptic message about Ioa and Thalia having the blood of dragons in their veins.

The party meets the kobold “dragon-keeper” known as Meepo. Meepo tells the group the sad story of the goblins raid where they stole the dragon from the kobolds. Meepo leads the party through hidden passages, deep into the heart of the goblin territory. They discover a ancient chamber, but before they can investigate, they are attacked by a goblin war party. They successfully drive them off, but will they bring more? And what lies in the chamber?

Ages of Arcanius
Episode 1

Norick (Chris) [Human Fighter]
- The youngest cousin of the family, his journeys have brought him home. He is known to be a skilled swordsman, but what powers are yet to be revealed.

Veylend (Josh) [Half Elven Druid]
- Having spent many months attuning himself to the natural world, Veylend befriended an ancient fey creature of the wilds. Skilled in magic and mysterious skills, Veylend may have secrets he keeps from his cousins, but the power of flight is not one.

Maylo (Frank) [Elven Monk/Cleric of Mystra]
- Forgoing the family’s traditional training in the great sword, Maylo relies on his own brutal hand to hand combat techniques, having great success whenever he remembers the height of his foes.

Thalia (Gabriel) [Half Elven Paladin/Sorcerer]
- A divine source guides this warrior, who is discovering a strange inner power. Is this a gift from his patron, or a temptation he must overcome?

Ioa (Nick) [Pixie Sorcerer]
- Accompanied by a strange but regal companion, Ioa has spent centuries learning the secrets of the untamed world. Her friendship for the wild eyed druid pulled her into
this family’s quest for missing friends.

The party set out from their home town of Oakhurst to locate a group of adventurers from their town who disappeared several weeks ago.

Two human members of that adventuring party were brother and sister, Talgren Hucrele (a fighter) and Sharwyn Hucrele (a wizard). They were part of an important merchant family based in the town of Oakhurst. Kerowyn Hucrele, the matriarch of the family, offers salvage rights to the team if they can find and return with the two lost members of her family—or at least return the gold signet rings worn by the missing brother and sister. She also offers a reward of 125 gp per signet ring, per party member. If the party can bring back the Hucreles in good shape (of good mind and body), she offers to double the reward. The two other missing adventurers are a paladin of Pelor named Sir Braford, and a woodsman named Karakas. Sir Braford carried a magic sword he called Shatterspike.

The party followed the Old Road through the wilderness, and reached a dark ravine with strange, primitive carvings on the remains of the ancient structure. Tracks indicated the missing party had descended, so the party followed them down. On the old stone stairwell, the party was attacked by viscous feral dire rats, which through the efforts of the melee prowess of Maylo, Norick, and Thalia, along with the arcane might of Ioa, they were able to overcome. Veylend discovered a shortcut to the bottom of the stairs, but was protected from the starving creatures by his mysterious wolf companion. The party reached the outer courtyard of the ancient Sunless Citadel, and after After their long journey and daring battle, the party found a secluded alcove where they were able to rest to start early the next day, allowing Veylend to recover from his ordeal.


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