Thanos Mortias

Servant of the Pale Maiden



HP 56 (+42 temporary hp) -
HD 6d8+12 Level: 6
(Gestalt Cleric6//Wizard5/Crypt Lord1)
Race: Human Gender: Male
Alignment: NE Age: 30
Speed: 30 Init: -4
STR 14 +2 FORT 11 -
DEX 14 +2 REF 5
CON 16 +3 WILL 15
INT 24 +7
WIS 24 +7
CHA 20 +5


Acrobatics Dex 2
Appraise Int 7
Bluff Cha 5
Climb Str 2
Concentration Con 11
Craft (Jewelry) Int 10
Craft (Armor) Int 10
Craft (Weaponsmithing) Int 10
Decipher Script Int 7
Diplomacy Cha 7
Disable Device Int 7
Disguise Cha 5
Escape Artist Dex 2
Forgery Int 7
Handle Animal Cha 5
Heal Wis 12
Intimidate Cha 5
Knowledge (Arcana) Int 17
Knowledge (Arch & Eng) Int 8
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) Int 8
Knowledge (Geography) Int 8
Knowledge (History) Int 8
Knowledge (Local) Int 8
Knowledge (Nature) Int 8
Knowledge (Noble & Royal) Int 8
Knowledge (The Planes) Int 13
Knowledge (Religion) Int 17
Knowledge (Necrology) Int 13
Knowledge (Anatomy) Int 13
Perception Wis 8
Perform Cha 5
Profession Wis 7
Ride Dex 2
Search Int 7
Sleight of Hand Dex 2
Spellcraft Int 18
Stealth Dex 2
Survival Wis 7
Swim Str 2
Use Magic Device Cha 5
Use Rope Dex 2


AC 39
(Touch 24, Flat footed 34)
Armor as DR: AC 27; DR 20/--
(Touch 22, Flat footed 28),

Defensive Items
+2 Weightless Bone Mail of Spellcasting; (5+2)
+1 Bishops Mantle of Spellcasting; (1+1)
+2 Light Steel Shield of Spellcasting; (1+2)
+1 Bone Spaulders of Spellcasting (1+1)

Defensive Spells:
Greater Mage Armor (+6 AC)
Shield (+4 Deflection)
Bone Armor (+7 Natural Armor)
Armor of Undeath (+2 AC, +25 temporary hp)
Death Armor (1d4+3 negative energy damage to attackers)
False Life (+17 temporary hp)


MELEE: To Hit: +8* (+1 Brilliant Energy Longsword), Damage 1d8+3, Crit 19-20×2, Slashing
*Ignores non-living material.

RANGED: To Hit: +3 (Crossbow Bolt fired via Launch Bolt spell, Damage 1d8, Crit 19-20×2, Piercing


Deadly Chill
Undead Leadership
Spell Focus: Necromancy
Scribe Scroll
Brew Potion
Craft Wonderous Item
Craft Arms and Armor
Necromatic Presence
Tomb Tainted Soul
Greater Control Undead
Augment Undead
Greater Spell Focus (NEC)
Spiritual Leader

*Shaky (-2 ranged attacks)
*Unreactive (-6 init)

*Absent Minded (-1 perception, +1 knowledge checks)

Racial Traits and Class Features


  • Bonus Feat
  • Bonus Skill Points


  • Rebuke Undead (14/day); (1d20+10); (4d6+21) as Cleric 15
  • Armor Proficiency: light
  • Armor Proficiency: medium
  • Armor Proficiency: heavy
  • Shield Proficiency
  • Simple Weapon Proficiency
  • War Domain
    • Martial Weapon Prof. Longsword
    • Weapon Focus, Longsword
  • Undeath Domain
    • Extra Turning
  • Orizons


  • Scribe Scroll
  • Cantrips
  • Specialist Wizard (necromancer)
  • Focused Specialist (Necromancer)
  • Summon Familiar
    • Alertness (from Familiar)
  • Bonus Feat

Crypt Lord

  • Extended Necromancy
  • Rebuke Undead


Spells Prepared


  • W0- (3/3; DC 17/21) Launch Bolt, Read Magic, Message, Pet Cemetery, Disrupt Life, Slash Tongue
  • W1- (4/3; DC 18/22) Blades of Fire, Critical Strike, True Strike, Negative Energy Ray, Mortification, Sun Stroke, Weeping Wounds
  • W2- (3/3; DC 19/23) Choke, Whirling Blade, Balor Nimbus, Command Undead, Desiccate, Visceral Wound,
  • W3- (2/3; DC 20/24) Haste, Keen Edge, Shadow Strike, Shadow Touch, Shivering Touch


  • C0- (5; DC 17/21) Guidance, Mending, Detect Magic, Bleeding Disease, Renew the Tide of Unlife
  • C1- (5/1d; DC 18/22) Magic Weapon(d), Divine Favor, Resist Planer Alignment, Summon Undead I, Cure Light Wounds, Command
  • C2- (4/1d; DC 19/23) Desecrate(d), Assassin’s Senses, Summon Undead II, Cure Moderate Wounds, Death Knell
  • C3- (3/1d; DC 20/24) Animate Dead(d), Summon Undead III, Cure Serious Wounds, Black Sand

Wizard Spell Book

(Bold entries are necromancy spells)

Cantrips (DC 17) — Acid Splash, Amanuensis, Arcane Mark, Caltrops, Dancing Lights, Daze, Detect Ghost, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Electric Jolt, Flare, Ghost Sound, Grope, Horizikaul`s Cough, Launch Bolt, Launch Item, Light, Mage Hand, Mending, Message, No Light, Open/Close, Preserve Ectoplasm, Prestidigitation, Ray of Frost, Read Magic, Repair Minor Damage, Resistance, Silent Portal, Slash Tongue, Sonic Snap, Stick, Unnerving Gaze;

Cantrips (DC 21)—Animate Animal, Disrupt Ectoplasm, Disrupt Life, Disrupt Undead, Pet Cemetery, Preserve Ectoplasm, Preserve Organ, Slash Tongue, Touch of Fatigue

1st Lvl (DC 18) — Black Bag, Blades of Fire, Critical Strike, Forge Mastery, Friendly Face, Hold Portal, Identify, Mage Armor, Mount, Scholar`s Touch, Shield, True Strike;

1st Lvl (DC 22) — Aberrate, Accelerated Movement, Acid Spittle, Animate Dead Animals, Animate Skeleton, Babau Slime, Backbiter, Bestow Wound, Cause Fear, Chill Touch, Corpse Link, Cutting Hand, Death Grimace, Ebon Eyes, Enlarge Person, Expeditious Retreat, Exterminate, Eyes of the Avoral, Feather Fall, Fist of Stone, Float, Ghost Writing, Hoard Gullet, Horrible Taste, Jump, Kauper`s Skittish Nerves, Kuo-Toa Skin, Laeral`s Cutting Hand, Locate Remains, Low-Light Vision, Mortification, Necrotic Awareness, Negative Energy Ray, Nerveskitter, Parching Touch, Quickswim, Ray of Clumsiness, Ray of Enfeeblement, Reduce Person, Remove Scent, Renew the Tide of Unlife, Sea Legs, Seething Eyebane, Shivering Touch (Lesser), Skeletal Cohort, Sobering Skeletal Stillness, Spectral Voice, Speed Swim, Spell Flower, Spirit Worm, Sunstroke, Tasha’s Tomb Tainting, Tongue Tendrils, Wave Blessing, Weeping Wounds, Wings of the Sea;

2nd Lvl (DC19) —Arcane Lock, Charm Person or Ghost, Choke, Create Magic Tattoo, Earthen Grasp, Ice Knife, Obscure Object, Ray of Stupidity, Returning Weapon, Sonic Weapon, Summon Swarm, Touch Me not, Touch of Idiocy, Whirling Blade;

2nd Lvl (DC 23) — Adrenaline Surge, Alter Self, Animate Zombie, Augment Familiar, Aura of Death, Balor Nimbus, Bear`s Endurance, Belker Claws, Blindness/Deafness, Blindsight, Body of the Sun, Bone Chill, Bonefiddle, Bull`s Strength, Cat`s Grace, Channel the Mishtai, Congealing Consumption, Command Undead, Curse of the Impending Blades, Dance of Ruin, Dark Symmetry, Darkvision, Death Armor, Desiccate, Desiccating Bubble, Devil`s Tongue, Divest Essentia, Eagle`s Splendor, Earthbind, Embalm, Extend Tentacles, False Life, Fangs of the Vampire King, Fearsome Grapple, Fins to Feet, Form of Death, Fox`s Cunning, Ghost Sight, Ghoul Glyph, Ghoul Touch, Graz`zt`s Long Grasp, Heat Leech, Infernal Wound, Iron Fist, Jaws of the Moray, Lahm`s Finger Darts, Life Bolt, Living Link, Mountain Stance, Necrotic Cyst, Necrotic Scrying, One with the Dead, Owl`s Wisdom, Peacock`s Beauty, Phantom’s Howl, Rapid Burrowing, Ray of Sickness, Ray of Weakness, Razorfangs, Razorscales, Scale Weakening, Scare, Scent, Shriveling, Shroud of Undeath, Skelital Hands, Sleep of the Dead, Slow Consumption, Soul Blight, Soul Boon, Spawn Screen, Spectral Hand, Spider Climb, Steal Life, Stolen Breath, Stone Bones, Surefooted Stride, Swim, Tomb Tile Tessellation, Urchin`s Spines, Visceral Wounds, Wings of Air, Wither Limb, Wracking Touch, Wraithstrike; Zombie Cohort

3rd Lvl (DC20) — Analyze Portal, Arcane Sight, Drown, Enhance Familiar, Eyes of the Zombie, False Gravity, Fly, Fortify Familiar, Haste, Keen Edge, Mage Armor (Greater), Magic Weapon (Greater), Planar Tolerance, Stony Grasp, Suggestion, Tongues.

3rd Lvl (DC 24) – Acidic Vitae, Air Breathing, Alacritious Stride, Amorphous Form, Armor of Undeath, Arms of Plenty, Astral Dream, Babau Slime, Bestow Fluctuating Curse, Bite of the Wererat, Blandness, Blinding Breath, Blood Snow, Bone Arrow, Bone Dance, Brittleskin, Burrow, Channeling Ward, Charnel Blight, Curse of the Impending Blades (Legion`s), Deeper Darkvision, Disrupt Undead (Greater), Dragon Breath, Dragonskin, Ectoplasmic Decay, False Confidence, False Face, Feign Death, Forced Incorporeality, Forced Manifestation, Fuse Arm, Gar’Udok’s Minor Blessing, Gaseous Form, Gentle Repose, Ghost Companion, Girallon`s Blessing, Halt Undead, Hamatual Barbs, Handfang, Haste, Healing Touch, Incorporeal Enhancement, Jump (Mass), Junglerazer, Life’s Veil, Mind Poison, Necrotic Bloat, Negative Energy Burst, Permeable Form, Primal Form, Puppet Form, Ray of Exhaustion, Red Fester, Repulsiveness, Reverse Gender, Rotting Curse of Urfestra, Scorpion Tail, Sense of the Dragon, Serpents of Theggeron, Shadow Strike, Shadow Touch, Shivering Touch, Skeletal Strength, Skin Walking, Skulltrap, Skull Watch, Spider Poison, Spiderskin, Sticks and Stones, Strength of the Dead, Tasha’s Tomb Transport, Thin Air, Tongue Serpents, Touch of Juiblex, Undead Lieutenant, Undead Torch, Undulant Innards, Vampiric Touch, Walk the Mountain Path, Water Breathing.

Prayer Book

(Bold entries are necromancy spells)

War Domain Spells
1 Magic Weapon: Weapon gains +1 bonus.
2 Spiritual Weapon: Magical weapon attacks on its own.
3 Magic Vestment: Armor or shield gains +1 enhancement per four levels.

Undeath Domain Spells
1 Detect Undead: Reveals undead within 60 ft.
2 Desecrate[M]: Fills area with negative energy, making undead stronger.
3 Animate Dead[M]: Creates undead skeletons and zombies.

Orisons (DC 17)— Amanuensis, Analyze Fertility, Create Water, Cure Minor Wounds, Detect Ghost, Detect Magic, Detect Poison, Detect Pregnancy, Guidance, Light, Mending, No Light, Purify Food and Drink, Read Magic, Resistance

Orisons (DC 21)— Bleeding Disease, Disrupt Ectoplasm, Inflict Minor Wounds, Pet Cemetery, Preserve Organ, Renew the Tide of Unlife, Slash Tongue, Virtue

1st Lvl (DC 18)— Anarchic Water, Axiomatic Water, Bane, Bless Water, Bless, Blessed Aim, Block the Seed, Blood Wind, Burial Blessing, Cloak of Shade, Cold Fire, Command, Comprehend Languages, Conjure Ice Beast I, Conviction, Create Ectoplasm, Cure Light Wounds, Delay Disease, Detect Chaos, Detect Evil, Detect Fire, Detect Good, Detect Incarnum, Detect Law, Detect Taint, Detect Undead, Dispel Ward, Divine Favor, Divine Inspiration, Drug Resistance, Endure Elements, Entropic Shield, Extract Drug, Faith Healing, Favorable Sacrifice, Grave Strike, Guiding Light, Handfire, Healthful Rest, Heartache, Hide from Undead, Ice Gauntlet, Ice Slick, Incite, Inhibit, Ironguts, Lantern Light, Light of Lunia, Locate Water, Magic Stone, Magic Weapon, Mishap Protector, Moon Lust, Nightshield, Nimbus of Light, Obscuring Mist, Omen of Peril, Pleasant Visage, Portal Beacon, Protection from Chaos, Protection from Evil, Protection from Good, Protection from Incarnum, Protection from Law, Protection from Possession, Protection from Winged Flyers, Ray of Hope, Regenerate Light Wounds, Remove Fear, Resist Planar Alignment, Restful Slumber, Resurgence, Rosemantle, Sacrificial Skill, Sanctuary, Scholar`s Touch, Shield of Faith, Sign, Sorrow, Stupor, Summon Monster I, Summon Undead I, Suspend Disease, Suspicion, Touch of Jorasco, Twilight Luck, Updraft, Vigor, Lesser, Vision of Exquisite Pleasure, Vision of Glory, Vision of Heaven, Wieldskill,

1st Lvl (DC 22)— Ancient Wisdom, Angry Ache, Cause Fear, Curse Water, Deathwatch, Doom, Ease of Breath, Ebon Eyes, Eyes of the Avoral, Fortify Cold Creatures, Foundation of Stone, Grim Feast, Inflict Light Wounds, Minor Mending of the Fallen, Necrotic Awareness, Painless Death, Prevarication’s Bounty, Sea Legs, Seething Eyebane, Shivering Touch (Lesser), Skeletal Cohort, Slow Consumption, Snowshoes, Spell Flower, Spider Hand, Spittle Spray, Tongue of Baalzebul, Wings of the Sea

2nd Lvl (DC 19) – Addiction, Adept Spirit, Aid, Align Weapon, Assassin’s Senses, Augury, Aura against Flame, Avoid Planar Effects, Ayailla`s Radiant Burst, Benediction, Bewildering Substitution, Bewildering Visions, Blade of Pain and Fear, Blood Wind, Body Ward, Brambles, Brumal Stiffening, Calm Emotions, Close Wounds, Conduit of Life, Conjure Ice Beast II, Conjure Ice Object, Consecrate, Cure Moderate Wounds, Dark Aura, Dark Way, Darkbolt, Darkness, Dead Eyes, Deific Vengeance, Delay Manifestation, Delay Poison, Delude Divination, Desecrate, Detect Aberration (LoM), Detect Disease, Dispel Fog, Divine Flame, Divine Insight, Divine Interdiction, Divine Protection, Divine Zephyr, Ease Pain, Elation, Energized Shield, Lesser, Enthrall, Estanna`s Stew, Eyes of the Zombie, Filter, Find Traps, Freedom of Breath, Frost Breath, Frost Weapon, Gaze Screen, Ghost Lock, Hand of Divinity, Healing Lorecall, Hold Person, Hydrate, Inky Cloud, Insignia of Alarm, Iron Silence, Iron Silence, Knife Spray, Lastai`s Caress, Lava Missile, Light of Mercuria, Local Tremor, Locate Touchstone, Luminous Armor, Magic Probe, Major Resistance, Make Whole, Mantle of Love, Mark of the Outcast, Mask Death, Obscuring Snow, Osseous Staff, Peaceful Serenity of Io, Pleasant Dreams, Protection from Negative Energy, Protection from Positive Energy, Quick March, Remove Addiction, Remove Paralysis, Remove Scars, Resist Energy, Resist Temptation, Restoration, Lesser, Rock Catch, Sap Strength, Shatter, Shield Other, Silence, Soulmeld Blessing, Sound Burst, Spectral Stag, Spell Immunity, Lesser, Spell Shield, Spiritual Weapon, Spores of the Vrock, Stabilize, Status, Summon Elysian Thrush, Summon Monster II, Summon Undead II, Sun Bolt, Suppress Magic, Understand Unorthodoxy, Undetectable Alignment, Unseen Crafter, Veil of Shadow, Warning, Wave of Grief, Zone of Truth;

2nd Lvl (DC 23)– Aura of Death, Balor Nimbus, Bear`s Endurance, Black Lungs, Black Talon, Blood Snow, Body Blades, Bone Armor, Bone Spikes, Boneblast, Bull`s Strength, Channeling Ward, Curse of Ill Fortune, Dance of Ruin, Death Knell, Desiccate, Devil`s Tongue, Divine Presence, Eagle`s Splendor, Exercration, Extend Tentacles, Fangs of the Vampire King, Fins to Feet, Fox`s Cunning, Frostburn (Lesser), Fuse Arms, Gar’Udok’s Minor Blessing, Gentle Repose, Ghost Touch Armor, Grave Warding, Infernal Wound, Inflict Moderate Wounds, Lahm`s Finger Darts, Living Undeath, Mark of the Outcast, Necrotic Cyst, Necrotic Boon (Lessor), Necrotic Scrying, One with the Dead, Owl`s Wisdom, Quick March, Rapid Burrowing, Razorscales, Reverse Gender, Rigor Mortis, Shroud of Undeath, Spawn Screen, Spider Legs, Stone Bones, Stone Fist, Thin Air, Wings of the Sea, Wither Limb, Zombie Cohort

3rd Lvl (DC 20) — Absorb Mind, Adoration of the Frightful, Aid, Mass, Align weapon, Mass, Amanuensis, Analyze Ancestry, Anarchic Storm, Antidragon Aura, Anyspell, Augment Object, Awaken Sin, Axiomatic Storm, Blade of Pain and Fear, Bladebane, Blessed Aim, Blessed Sight, Bolster Aura, Briar Web, Bridge of Sound, Brilliant Emanation, Chain of Eyes, Checkmate`s Light, Circle Dance, Circle of Nausea, Cloak of Bravery, Close Wounds, Conjure Ice Beast III, Continual Flame, Control Sand, Control Snow and Ice, Conviction (Legion`s), Corona of Cold, Create Food and Water, Cure Serious Wounds, Dark Way, Darkfire, Daylight, Deeper Darkness, Defile Snow and Ice, Deific Bastion, Detect Metal and Minerals, Devil Blight, Devil`s Eye, Dispel Magic, Downdraft, Energize Potion, Energized Shield, Energy Vortex, Entropic Shield (Mass), Favorable Sacrifice, Flame of Faith, Flesh Ripper, Forceward, Furnace Within, Ghost Touch Weapon, Glyph of Turning, Glyph of Warding, Guardian Spirit, Haboob, Hammer of Righteousness, Healing Sphere, Heart`s Ease, Helping Hand, Hold Person or Ghost, Holy Storm, Humanoid Essence (Lesser), Ice Axe, Ice Shape, Innocence of the Virgin, Insignia of Blessing, Insignia of Healing, Insignia of Warding, Inspired Aim, Interplanar Message, Invisibility Purge, Invoke the Cerulean Sign, Irian`s Light, Knight`s Move, Know Opponent, Know Vulnerabilities, Laogzed`s Breath, Lifebond, Light of Venya, Locate Node, Locate Object, Love`s Pain, Mace of Odo, Magic Circle against Chaos, Magic Circle against Evil, Magic Circle against Good, Magic Circle against Law, Magic Vestment, Mantle of Chaos, Mantle of Evil, Mantle of Good, Mantle of Law, Masochism, Mass Resist Elements, Meld into Ice, Meld into Stone, Misrepresent Alignment, Mold Touch, Moon Blade, Mystic Lash, Nauseating Breath, Obscure Object, Path of the Exalted, Phantom Plow, Phieran`s Resolve, Positive Energy Protection, Prayer, Protection from Dessication, Protection from Energy, Protection from Negative Energy, Protection from Positive Energy, Redirect Spell, Refreshment, Regenerate Moderate Wounds, Remedy Moderate Wounds, Remove Blindness/Deafness, Remove Curse, Remove Disease, Remove Nausea, Rescue, Resist Energy (Mass), Resist Taint, Resurgence (Mass), Revitalize Legacy (Least), Ring of Blades, Rockburst, Sadism, Safety, Searing Light, Sheltered Vitality, Shield of Warding, Shrapnel, Sink, Slashing Darkness, Snowshoes (Mass), Sonorous Hum, Soul of the Waste, Sound Lance, Spikes, Stone Shape, Summon Monster III, Summon Undead III, Sunrise, Suppress Glyph, Sweet Water, Sword Stream, Telepathic Bond (Lesser), Telepathy Tap, Tremor, Understand Device, Unholy Storm, Vigor, Vigor (Mass Lesser), Vile Lance, Wall of Light, Wall of the Grave, Water Walk, Weapon of Energy, Weapon of Impact, Weapon of the Deity, Wind Wall, Zone of Respite, Zone of Revelation;

3rd Lvl (DC 24) — Affliction, Air Breathing, Animate Dead, Attune Form, Aura of Cold, Lesser, Bestow Curse, Binding Snow, Black Sand, Blessing of the Snake Mother, Blindness/Deafness, Blindsight, Boneblade, Burrow, Celestial Aspect, Clutch of Orcus, Contagion, Curse of Petty Failing, Curse of the Brute, Cursed Orgasm, Death Lock, Delay Death, Demon Dirge, Devil Blight, False Confidence, Fell the Greatest Foe, Forced Incorporeality, Forced Manifestation, Fuse Arm, Girallon`s Blessing, Grace, Hamatula Barbs, Handfang, Inflict Serious Wounds, Jealousy, Liar`s Curse, Mend the Fallen, Necrotic Bloat, Plague Carrier, Possess Animal, Red Fester, Rejuvenative Corpse, Rotting Curse of Urfestra, Serpents of Theggeron, Shivering Touch, Shriveling, Skull Watch, Soul Boon, Spark of Life, Speak with Dead, Sticks and Stones, Strength of the Dead, Touch of Juiblex, Unliving Weapon, Venomfire, Visage of the Deity, Lesser [Evil], Visage of the Deity, Lesser [Good], Visage of the Deity, Lesser, Water Breathing, Wrack



Masterwork Holy Symbol, Silver;

Pack, Framed*; Bandoleer*; Equipment Harness*; Potion Belt, Masterwork*; Pouch, belt* (2);


+1 Brilliant Energy Longsword;


+2 Weightless Bone Mail of Spellcasting;

+1 Bishops Mantle of Spellcasting;

+2 Light Steel Shield of Spellcasting;

+1 Bone Spaulders of Spellcasting

Wondrous Items:

Ring of Dexterity (+2 Dex);

Phylactery of Turn Undead (x2) (+4 turn level each)

Cloak of Resistance (+1 Saves);

Amulet of Undetectable Alignment;

Headband of Intellect (+6 Int),

Periapt of Wisdom (+6 Wisdom),


Cleric`s vestments*; Explorer`s outfit; Gloves, Leather; Pads, Knee*; Pads, Elbow*;

Pads, Shin guards*; Tabard*; Cape, Full; Boots, High; Belt, Baldric; Cloak, hooded;




Height: 6’6" Weight: 190 lbs -
Eyes: Grey Skin: Pale
Hair: Bald, Short Black Beard

A tall, gaunt man wearing
armor crafted from
blackened maille, dark
leather, and carved bones.

A raven crest adorns his
tunic, and a dark aura
of dread surrounds him.
The air about Thanos
feels slightly chill,
the sun a little dimmer,
as if a cloud passes
before it as you look

Born 25 years ago as Delven Silverspur, the third son of Aaron Silverspur, a stabler and horse trainer in the village of Garshire, outside the city-state of Harkania, I was the youngest of my brothers, and my prospects were poor. I knew I would not have much of an inheritance, and would have to earn my own fortune and name in the world.

My efforts at various undertakings were constantly sabotaged by the actions of my older brothers, who were cruel and tormenting, and of my indifferent father, who was unconcerned with the child who he had no use for. My mother offered no solace, as she was a slave to the bottle, and was rarely present enough, of mind or body, to protect her youngest. I was beaten brutally by my two brothers, and my meager possessions were often taken or destroyed. Only a pet rat was I able to hide from them," Ziggurat" named as a jest after both my uncle Ziggy, whom he resembled, and after the mighty towering temples of old.

When I reached 16 summers, I joined the local clergy of Pelor as a laborer and assistant, hoping to earn a living, and my father’s respect. After two years of study and hard work, I returned to my home to see my family, certain that things would have changed. They had. My mother had fallen ill, and after six months of suffering, had died. I had never received word, and when I addressed this, I was told that I was hardly a member of the family anyway, and there was no need to have taken the effort to inform me. They told me she had never asked about me, even on her deathbed. My brothers took a sick pleasure in telling me that in the final days of her sickness, she expressed how grateful she was that “both her sons” were with her.

I tried to focus on the lessons of forgiveness and understanding that I had studied, but it did little to assuage the pain and betrayal I felt. One night, during my prayers at sundown, my brothers came into my room, and mocked my faith, attacking and beating me, all the while taunting my beliefs. I cried out for mercy, and as I felt my ribs crack under their blows, for salvation. Pelor was silent, though, and when I awoke I was lying, broken, on the dirt floor of my room, the ashes of my holy texts smoldering next to me. I coughed blood, nearly fainting from the pain, and fled into the night.

I felt empty, and ashamed. My beliefs had availed me nothing, and made me feel foolish. How could Pelor turn his back on me? Everyone I had ever put faith in had abandoned me. I wandered the countryside for several days, seeking answers. My prayers gave no relief, and I eventually gave them up as well.

One night, as I rode near a cemetery, I felt a strange draw, a sense of peace and power. I walked among the graves, enjoying the silence and security of the necropolis, when I met a strange and beautiful woman. She wore a heavy black velvet cloak, and had skin pale as the winter snows. My first thought was that she was one of the vampires, the enemies of light that I had studied at the temple, but I sensed a vitality, a power of life from her, that made me doubt my own sanity.

She never spoke. Not a word. But she looked in my eyes and I realized she was not just powerful, she was power.

She walked me to an old masoleum, and with a gesture, the door slid away. I remember marveling, the door was taller than a man, and over a foot thick, easily eighty stone, and mortered into place, but she brushed it aside as one might wave off smoke. Inside, in the inky blackness, she created a nimbus of dark light that allowed me to see without any actual illumination. Within there was an ancient sarcophagus, engraved with with powerful runes and symbols. The great lid opened at her touch, and the dust of centuries filled the room. I remember the smell, sickly sweet and mouldy, but not unpleasant. Intoxicating, actually.

Within the sarcophagus lay a brittle corpse, wearing fine black robes and a strange, silver symbol, holding an ancient book. The symbol was similar to some I had seen in my studies, but different. More. Ancient and pulsing with an eldritch energy that none of the symbols I had ever seen had. This was real power. This was the symbol of one of the old gods, forgotten by mortals ages past. One of the beings the present, petty gods strove to eradicate. I took the book, sat, and studied. I cannot tell you how many hours I sat there, deciphering the ancient writings and learning what It taught, but it must have been many days. When I finally started to understand, I took the book and holy symbol from the sarcophagus, and walked out into the cemetery.

I felt the power of the dark energy flowing through me, and it was exhilarating. I held the power of the veil between worlds in my hands. In my very veins. In a trance I rode towards my home. What was my home. When I arrives, the taunting started, but it did not last long. With a gesture, a dark ray of unlight emanated from my outstretched hand, enveloping my oldest brother. He died whimpering. With hardly more than a thought, his he rose, his skeleton tearing it’s way free from his corpse. My other brother shrieked like a woman, trying to run, scrambling along the stony earth, trying desperately to escape. As he neared the grave of my mother, I smiled. The dark power surged from me, and the corpse of my mother tearing her way from the earth, and gripping my terrified sibling in her bony claws. It was only seconds before the two undead creatures had torn him apart.

My father, having witnessed the massacre from the window, wept and cowered at my approach. I watched his eyes fade as I strangled the life from him.

The townsfolk knew me as Delvin, the scholar and initiate at the temple of Pelor, and had no reason to doubt my story. The farm had been overrun by undead, my family killed. I arrived in time to destroy the creatures, but not in time to save the fallen. I took a good horse and two strong mules, and of course Ziggurat, sold the farm and set out to find my way. Not as a priest of the pretender god Pelor, but as Thanos Mortias, disciple of the Elder Power of Moiragan.

Thanos Mortias

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