Strayel Pelorson

Paladin of Pelor/Marshal


Character sheet

Strayel was born 19 years ago in the town of Silverus, Strayel knew not of his family being raised in an orphanage his whole childhood. The life of an orphan was not an easy one, The only thing Strayel found comfort in was that once a week, on sunday a priest from the local church of Pelor would come and read to the children, Strayel loved listening to the good Father’s stories, he especially loved the ones about the glory of the paladins and the knights, or any one that had to do with the knights of the red sun. One day around 7 stayel and another orphan boy friend of his named Hyen ended up getting into a fight with the local bully of the orphanage, Hyen ended up getting hurt and feeling something inside him stayel was able to summon forth the ability to heal him, when he alerted the good father of his ability he was immediately adopted by the church, Strayel would take the last name Pelorson to symbolize his new life. Training began early around 8 strayel began his training with the weapons and by 10 he was made officially a squire and at 11 the knight Strayel was squired to was sent south for war, Stayel watch and learned from the knight as he stood by his side through some of the most brutal things the young boy would ever see. At age 16 Strayel and the knight were sent into a large battle against the heretics and in a flurry of arrows the knight was struck down, Strayel knew what he had to do, he took up the knights weapon and charged into battle, it was there that his latent powers would begin to manifest, Strayel smote the heretics and after the battle he was knighted, His dream had come true. On the night of his 17th birthday, Strayel had a vision dream, in it Pelor himself spoke to Strayel and told him he was destined to become a paladin of great importance and that he would one day he would truly make a difference. Fight after fight, battle after battle strayel would win eventually Strayel was trusted to lead a group of young knights into battle his words rallying them behind him. A true leader. 3 years came and went on that battlefield, training, fighting, leading all up til one day when Strayel would receive a letter from the Clerics back at Silverus saying the needed him immediately for an important mission that only he would be able to complete, remembering the vision that Pelor had shown him Strayel mounted up and left the war Vowing one day to return and finish the war once and for all.

Strayel Pelorson

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