Kazin "Kaz" Daygone

A Psychic Warrior with a bone to pick with his Grandfather's Assassins


Kazin was born and raised on a small farm outside the village of Greenbrook. He lived there with his parents, Adriana Daygone and Jace Daygone, his sister Diandra Daygone, and his grandfather Roderick Daygone. Kaz lived a simple life on the farm, but when he wasn’t tending to the family’s turnip fields, he was with Grandfather learning the secrets of the past. Roderick was a great archeologist before he had settled down to live the farm life. He had traveled far across the world in search of what was hidden far and wide.

Kazin was born with a special gift that only his Grandfather could see. He was able to manifest minor powers that gave him great strength since he was a young man. Roderick saw his potential and trained Kaz’s young mind with books he found years before, slowly but surely he grew and grew. But one fateful night, when the Daygone family went into town to sell their various goods leaving Grandpa Roderick to watch over the cows. Kaz returned before his parents and Adriana to bring Grandpa Roderick a gift he had found while he was in town, a small dagger with strange markings, but Kaz only returned to horror. His family’s house ablaze, his crop torched, and cows slaughtered. With shear power of mind he was able to quell the flames in an attempt to salvage his home. Kazin rushed into the smoldering ashes only to find his Grandfather’s charred body beside a weapon he had never seen before. After a long moment of silence for his beloved Grandfather, he picked up the weapon. It was a large war axe with two blades both pointing in the same direction. It had strange runes all over it that Kaz recognized as dwarven from his grandfather’s teachings. As he picked it up he felt a strange shiver wash over his body and his grandfather’s voice spoke to him. Roderick spoke of several aggressors and books he was able to hide from them. He didn’t know who they are, but he knew what they wanted.

After studying the work of his grandfather, Kaz decided he must venture to the carrion swamps to stop whomever did this to his family. From there he will travel to __________

Kazin "Kaz" Daygone

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