Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius w3

Week 3 Experience Recap

Current XP:

Maylo: 60
Thalia: 675
Hyen: 1010
Strayel: 1130
Norrik: 1850
Veyland: 1850
Ioa: 2150

Encounters Thus Far:
Rats on the switchback stairs
Pit Trap o’ Rats
The Forgotten Sentries
White Claw Clan Entrance
Fiery Goblin Balcony
Yusdrayl, Kobold Chieftan
The Bladed Door
Goblin Warband
The Guarded Tomb
Sage’s Study
Fire Trapped Floor
Calcryx Capture
Goblinoid Ghetto
-Bonus for incredible method
Hobgoblin Guards
Hobgoblin King
The Deep Climb
Belsag the Hunter


RayCross RayCross

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