Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius Episode 8-13

Long Delayed Summery

After disposing of the cursed bodies and leaving the plagued town, the party discovers that several members have contracted the strange sickness. With the disease ravaging their companions, the party races for help, thanks to Ioa’s aerial scouting, one is found that can be reached in time before Veyland, Dox, and Sir Croakington succumb to the otherworldly illness. Enroute, the party encounters a huge warband of orcs, and in their current state the party can’t hope to fight them all. The mysterious elven wizard summons forth great magics to create an extra-dimensional sanctuary where the party is safe, but valuable time is lost.

After escaping the orcs, the party must push on through the night, and to avoid the orcish army, travels through the deep forests in the hills. Stopping only breifly to rest what little they could afford, the party encounters a fearsome wyvern, it’s talons razor sharp and it’s tail stinger dripping with venom. Only Veyland’s most powerful magic is able to stop the beast, and now the party, ill and injured, must push on in the darkness.

Just as hope begins to falter, they come across the village of Briarcrest, walled against the marauding creatures of the wilds. Alas, no healer can be found in the city to treat the disease! Fortune was looking down upon the party, though, and the elder told them of a nearby citadel of the famed Pelorian Knights, who surely could help. The party dashes off into the darkness, racing the sunrise, to reach the keep in tiime.

The brave paladins led by Corwyn Corillson welcome the travelers to the keep, and issue aid. While there, the party acquires a detailed map of the area, showing them the way to the great city of Deldar. The members who are well enough to travel accompany the knights on a mission to vanquish a group of heretics, and earn the respect of the knights, but they feel their tactics are more brutal than necessary. The party recieves valuable information, and Elhace also stumbles across an old, forgotton dagger, which feels just right in his hands. Surely nobody will notice it’s absence, it was just gathering dust anyway.

The party, rested and healed, set off on the journey to Deldar. Their journey takes them to the sight most disturbing. They come across the site of an execution. It appears a man was burned alive! Investigation reveals the man must have been an evil necromancer, and rather than investigate further, the party concludes that justice was done and move on.

The party cuts through an ancient forest, hoping to save days of travel. Surely with a druid and a fairy in their midst, the woods holds no danger to them. Ioa, however is not without rivals, and encounters Eolyn, also a sorcerous pixie, wishing to claim Sir Croakington as her own! The party assists Ioa in her battle against the foul tempered fey, and they throw her unconscious form into a giant ant hill. There is no way she will come back to seek revenge.

As the party nears the edge of the woods, they find a group of feral puppies gnawing on the remains of an unfortunate kobold. Strayel and Voz take them in, intent on raising them as their own.

The party reaches the city of Arvada, and spend some time resting and working on some minor tasks.

The party travels on, and reaches the once prosperous trade city of Littleton. The city is completely abandoned, however, and no sign of life can be found. The party finds a terrible site, an evil place haunted by a tortured soul. The party fights for their very lives and manages to defeat the creature, freeing it from it’s lingering torment.

A dark passage is found leading into the basement of a forgotton temple complex. There the party meats Aegan, an elderly priest and custodian of the place. they learn much about the ancient religion practiced there, and discover an incredible creature, forged from metal and magic. Once awakened, the creature who calls itself Rork, joins the group in hopes of discovering it’s true nature. Also, Veyland the druid wandered off.

The party finds a seaworthy craft to pilot down the river to Deldar, and set off, avoiding many perils.

Arriving in Deldar, the party makes accomodations and Norrik is able to find a skilled and experienced surgeon who can carefully and delicately replace his left eye with the enchanted gemstone given to him by his spectral ancestor.

Word of Strayel and Norric’s exploits have reached the High Church in Deldar. They are called before the council at the Keystone Bluff Cathedral, commonly called Keybluff Stronghold. Strayel and Norric are to attend, and any of the Pelorian faith are welcome to speak on their behalf. Companions of other faiths may attend, but will not be called on.

Leadering the Council are

Father Piersym, High Cleric Sir Uwun, Lord Paladin of Pelor Athyer Anes, son of Dures of Westhall Keep, Captian of the Church Guard Brother Koerwe, Lorekeeper and Master of the Libraries Brother Edmur, High Theurge Sir Artach, Captain of the King’s Knights

Also seated on the council several clerics and knights, including an old rival, as well as a few guests.

Sir Elsan, An emissary of the Knights of the Red Sun Father Wisym of Silveros Lord Barast, Duke of Cimarron Hills

The council is called and begins with Father Piersym asking Strayel and Norric to introduce themselves and give their geneologies or family histories. Strayel, unfortunately, can’t give his geneology, there is an akward silence, and Father Wisym clears his throat, reminding Father Piersym that his name is Strayel Pelorson. Father Piersym looks embarrassed, and apologizes, having forgotten that Strayel is a son of the Church. Norric is welcomed, and offered use of the citadel’ historians for any research needs.

Strayel is asked to give account of his journey. Sir Elsan of The Knights of the Red Sun vouch for their bravery and loyalty to the faith. The Red Knights express interest in Strayel as a potential candidate, but it is explained that he has not earned Imperial Knighthood yet, being only a Knight of the First Order, but after such time as he is, he would be eligible. Sir Artach inquires as to the army Strayel has failed to raise. It is explained that this is a shirking of duty not taken lightly. The king has need of troops for the war, and he will be disappointed when he hears that Strayel has not delivered. Sir Ethes, an old acquaintance, asks Strayel to give his testimony as to if he failed this mission, forgot his duty, or simply ignored his obligation.

After the council, Father Piersym informs the two that the Council will consider everything they have heard and the companions are dismissed.
The party makes use of the Cathedral’s extensive library, and Voz discovers a powerful enchantment, sure to aid the party.

That night, Strayel is attacked in his bed by a dark figure. Rork, thanks to his tireless vigilance, hears the disturbance, and rushes to assist his comrade. The dark figure is defeated, and it’s revealed that he was an assassin with the copper coat guild. The party sets out immediately to investigate the lair of these foul rogues, and is set upon by five cutthroats, with murderous intent. A desperate battle follows, and the party is able to overcome them, capturing three for questioning.


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