Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius Episode 8+

Journal Entry

Dear Journal,
I have finally found some paper scraps to continue my journal!
So last entry I wrote of our journey to Littleton, and how we crawled into the sub-sub level of a dungeon beneath the town. When we came out of the trap door from above, we were in a small room with a mechanically opened stone door on one side, and an opening into a hallway on the other. There was the sound of faint babbling coming from down the hallway. Because we could not find a way to open the door, we decided to explore the halls to find the door-opener and other points of interest.
The party and I walked down the hall and came to a three-way split. The halls on the left in right were nondescript, but the hall in front of us was pitch black and the babbling seemed to originate from inside. The blackness was unnatural, and not even those of us with the best night-vision could gaze through it. Not that I was scared or anything, but I felt a sharp wave of relief come over me when the general consensus was to travel down the left corridor.
The left corridor led to a bigger room with a desk, about six doors in it, and all of them were locked. Strayel, the paladin of our party, opted to kick a door in, but I saw this as an excellent opportunity to show off my slick forced-entry skills. I knelt down and worked on the door to the immediate left of the entry-way, but perhaps I missed a pin in the lock, because it would not open for me. Myself and Veyland, a druid who has dabbled in the art of the lockpick, worked to get the rest of the doors open, while the door that was kicked open led to a large bedroom and study of some sort. Vox, an elvish wizard, had determined that the room also contained a door concealed by magic, and used psionic powers to glimpse behind it. We found there was a corridor covered in a magic-darkness similar from before, that went down a brief ways and turned right into a locked door. Because the darkness was harmful to those who went inside of it, and because the corridor was long, we decided to take our chances with the hallway from the intersection, and turned back in that direction.
When we came back to the intersection, we headed straight from our path into a large, empty room, filled with boxes and empty potato sacks. We turned back to the intersection and decided to charge as a party though the darkness.
I winced in pain as I ran through, the incoherent babbling grew louder and louder, and we came to a large open room with a painful looking machine, and a monster floating a couple feet away from it. It turns out that the source of the babbling was this monster of blackness and twisted limbs and appendages, but I became rather entranced by its sound and could not move. I’d say I was out of the fight for a good while, but when I came to my teammates were attacking it’s machine, and the monster itself. I decided to charge the monster, and ran up to it, swinging both of my daggers swift and true. While it had a definite shape, it seemed to be incompletely physical, and some of my teammates’ attacks went through it completely. We eventually had it completely surrounded, and it hissed and gibbered as our attacks phased through it. Then it made an attempt to fly out of our encirclement; and that was when we delivered the coup-de-grace and killed it for good. The sounds of babble faded into oblivion.
After the battle, we examined the room in full. There was a magic, torture device, which contained the now-hacked-to-pieces corpse of the undead creature we fought. It went through an unimaginable amount of torture, and had to fight for suicide to relieve itself of pain brought about by magical torture. The body had a few, shiny items of interest on it, but the wizard got to them before me. In a connecting room there was a small altar, a lever, and a door that led to the corridor of magic-darkness from the study room. The lever was pulled, and we headed back through down the hall to our start point. When we got there, it seemed as though the first undead was only the beginning of our problems, because we faced an open stone door with dozens of living skeletons hobbling toward us.
Strayel made the first attack, advancing on the horde of skeletons and slicing through them with his sword. Looking back, this was a foolish tactic, but I had decided to charge the enemy, hacking through two skeletons with my daggers of swiftness. The danger came quick, and two skeletons came up and dealt a crushing blow, knocking me out for a bit. Thanks to Vox, I was saved from the kiss of death and used my next move to step back and recharge a bit. He then sent an energy blast into the room of skeletons, and knocked them all out with a single blow.
Seeing as we were all exhausted, and that there was another patch of magic-darkness in the newly opened hallway, we moved back up the ladders and took a rest in a Littleton building.


RayCross RayCross

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