Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius Episode 14+

Journal Entry

Journal Entry #3

Dear Clerics of Silverus

WE MET THEM!.. ahem I mean after arriving in Briarcrest and praying at the local shrine to Pelor we met with a man who said he could take us to see the Knights of the Red Sun. We rode all day to reach the keep before nightfall and inside the keep the paladins healed Veyland and the toad. and they even invited us to go on a mission with them… it was like a dream come true, I could tell on that day Pelor was shining on me. Later we left to find some heretics, they were not hard to find and some even began to see the light of Pelor for themselves… and those that wouldn’t see Pelor’s light, well they were purged.

We spent some time with the knight of the red sun and we stayed in Silverus for about a month so that Beyland and the toad could recover from the sickness before setting out once again for the south.

Some ways south we found yet another village and like the one prior was also barren except this one had not fallen to a disease but instead fell to a false god. This was once the populated city of Littletown. Sensing evil energies from a building we entered and found a basement under it where the energy was radiating from. the hallways leading to the source were dark.. unnaturally dark not even Pelor’s glorious light shown through the black. We marched fearlessly into the dark and on the other side we found… a monster. The monster was some sort of undead abomination the likes of which i had never seen, the monster was some sort of tortured soul who could not make physical contact with us but still I could feel something happen when its ethereal appendages made contact with me. This creature later identified as an Alip was tied to some sort of contraption in the corner of the room that a corpse was affixed to, and destroying the contraption with the Shatterspike seemed to have indirectly affected the Alip and with a little more effort we were able to cleanse the abomination. In the room with the alip we also found a lever that when pulled opened up a passage at the opening of the basement. Heading back through the blackness we found a hoard of skeletons waiting for us at the entrance to the basement so in Pelor’s light i turned them all to dust and behind them in the room that had just opened was more of that unholy darkness. We left for the night and in the next morning went back down and mustering up all of our courage we headed into the darkness once again. we were assaulted again by some sort of creatures, but they were nothing and as such were quickly dealt with. at the end of the tunnel we found a cleric of the goddess morrigan he told us of her and the place we were in.. i don’t recall the specifics of what happened there but it all seemed just a bit unnatural. Later we left and headed back to Littletown and after a little bit of searching we found a boat and down the river we headed to Deldar. The trip went smoothly with nary a problem and in we were in Deldar shortly.

After my crew filled out the paperwork to enter, we were in Deldar. To the inns we went to set up camp, bathe and eat, After a good rest Noric and I went to the main branch of the church of Pelor and once we arrived the Cleric there said he was waiting for us and that I had to appear before the council in the morning but he did not give me a reason but never the less he put us up for the night and in the morning away to the council meeting with him. At the meeting many prominent names in the church were there some spoke on my behalf, others were not so fond of me, the accused me of shirking my duties and not doing right by Pelor.

For the first time in my life I did not feel Pelors light on me, I felt my faith waver, i felt like i had failed…. If given the chance I will repent. I SWEAR IT. However it was nice to hear the Knights of the Red Sun would be honored to have me in their ranks. I’m still awaiting the outcome of the trial.

Later that night as a slept in my room I was set upon by an assassin who got a little more then he bargained for and was quickly done away with. Following some leads we got in the tavern of the inn we traced the assassin back to his place of origin and took some criminals with us to interrogate, but do not worry I made sure that they were not unjustly harmed and turned over to the proper authorities. After devising a way too complected strategy full of lies and disguises my friends and I went into the assassins HQ and spoke with the owner about the assassin and got a few leads that need to be followed up on…I can’t help but feel like this all has something to do with the Council meeting, although a member of the church of Pelor would surely never stoop to hiring common thugs and assassins.. would they?…. Believe me I will be looking into this in the following days. I Will write more when I get the chance, granted I’m not thrown in jail or killed for my shortcomings….

May Pelor always be with you

—Sir Strayel


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