Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius Episode 13+

Journal Entry

Journal Entry #2

Dear Clerics of Silverus,

We left the town we were resting in after gaining some party members including a Tiefling who I believe to be the one from my vision. We headed south after traveling through the woods for a bit Veyland noticed that the wildlife surrounding us had become eerily quite. As we continued on we came across a village that like the forest preceding it was completely barren, It had appeared that everyone here came down with a insidious disease…. Pelor had forsaken this poor village. The group and I made our way to the largest building in the village and entered it, inside we found exactly what we were expecting, Nothing. After reaching the top floor of the building we found the remains of something, we weren’t sure what is or they were as the remains were indistinguishable. It seemed as if our quest to finding the cause of this disease was at and end when all of a sudden. Veyland found a secret entrance, and at the top of the stairs we found the last living member of this village.. a child gripping a plush satyr. We asked the child for information on the village but alas he had no information to share as to be expected of a child his age. Ioa joined us upstairs after an apparent looting spree including the child’s father’s crown much to the child’s chagrin. In an instant the child revealed his true form which was that of a demon. and in the light of Pelor he and his brood were slain and the village purged.

We continued marching south until over the hills we noticed an army of orcs had spotted us luckily Vox had the ability to hide us in plain sight until most of the orcs had left.

Hours later we descended from our hiding spot and began cleansing the orcs. The orcs were worthy opponents until Veyland miraculously opened up a chasm in the ground an swallowed the orcs whole, it was truly a sight to behold, Pelor must have been watching over us then. Quickly we left the area before more orcs could make there way back to where we were and continued on south.

Later that night we decided to set up camp a fair distance from where the orcs had been and decided to take turns watching for signs of danger. The night passed quietly for the most part and it wasn’t until Norics watch that anything happened we were accosted by a wyvern. Veyland and I swiftly did away the beast and Veyland took some souvenirs for his hut or something. The next morning Veyland, Noric and the toad began showing symptoms of the disease from the village before, By Pelor’s light I cleansed the wretched disease from Noric but the others wouldn’t be so lucky we would have to seek out help for them from outside sources. We came across another village by the name of Briarcrest where we are currently residing I heard the knights of the red sun are stationed around here maybe through them Pelor can save these two.

I apologize about the brevity of this letter time is not on our sides.

May the Light of Pelor be with you

—Sir Strayel


RayCross RayCross

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