Ages of Arcanius

Ages of Arcanius

Episode 2

Having received a dream vision from his deity, Maylo bids farewell to his cousins to take on a personal journey. The rest of the party begins their exploration of the citadel, discovering two warring factions, a tribe of goblins and a clan of kobolds. The kobolds call themselves the White Claw Clan, and it seems they are unfamiliar with a monastic order of the same name who operates elsewhere in the realms. The party also discovered signs of an ancient evil, a dark force trapped in the citadel for these centuries animating the remains of the former residents.

The party met peacefully with the clan leader of the kobolds, one known as Yusdrayl. The party agrees to rescue the kobold’s “dragon” in exchange for their guidance through the ruins and healing for the wounded druid. Yusdrayl also gives a cryptic message about Ioa and Thalia having the blood of dragons in their veins.

The party meets the kobold “dragon-keeper” known as Meepo. Meepo tells the group the sad story of the goblins raid where they stole the dragon from the kobolds. Meepo leads the party through hidden passages, deep into the heart of the goblin territory. They discover a ancient chamber, but before they can investigate, they are attacked by a goblin war party. They successfully drive them off, but will they bring more? And what lies in the chamber?


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